Video to text converter

A program to convert the video file to ASCII TXT files

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Video to TXT

This program is used to convert the video file to TXT files. And then print TXT files one by one. Then you will see the ASCII text "video".

It use Matlab to convert the video to TXT files. And use Python to print TXT files. Therefore, if you want to use this program, you must have "Matlab" and "Python" at least.

Now, this program is only for Mac OS X system. Since the paths are difference, Windows users will have problems. But you can change the source file "" a little to use this program in Windows or Linux.

I am pikipity. If you find any bugs or problems, please contact me through e-mail -- You also can go to my blog "" to find more interesting things.

Thank you very much.


This program is only for Mac OS X user. For the Windows version, it hasn't been tested.

You can download the program from there. Then use the following command to start this program.

python path_of_your_installation/main/video-to-txt-main/

If you are familier with Matlab, you can use the Matlab function in there to convert the video file directly in the Matlab.

User Guid: 3 steps for using this program.

  1. Choose "Matlab Path" (choose the app file, like, "Video Path" (choose the video file that you want to convert) and "TXT file Path" (choose the location that you want to store the TXT files).
  2. Click "Convert" Button and waiting. The Convert process will spend a lot of times.
  3. Click "Start" Button. The ASCII text "video" will start.


  1. Since there is the limitation of the Matlab function, it only can convert few types' file. The format supported is listed in
  2. In the "Convert" and "Start" process, please don't close this program. Although you close this program, these processes will also be continued until they are finished.
  3. TXT files are very large. Please make sure that you have enough space to store them.